Friday, September 29, 2006

The Dis-Ease to Please!

I have this disease to please. I really do. It's not funny, but I'm into self-healing. I know there's a book by that title, and believe me, my husband told me, "BUY IT". I loaned it out from our local library, and did read some of it, but I do need to read it again.

Yesterday, when a parent-volunteer at the school where I work part-time said to me, "Someone told me you would know what to do with the cookbooks". These are cookbooks left over from the last parent-volunteer who ran the PTA--a not-well-thought-out-so-called-fundraiser! I said to this person we'll call Belinda, "What poor soul told you that?" She replied, "Ruann". I said, "well, where are they now?", (feeling that disease to please come upon me, I started to think: 'if you do something three times, it becomes your job'). With this in mind, I replied, "well, they (the cookbooks) can stay in the office, and if someone wants to buy them, Crianna can accept the money". All the time, walking up the stairs to the teacher's lounge where the cookbooks were, and talking to the back of Crianna's head. Crianna is the always-sick, always-complaining so-called secretary who uses the job to run her life (constantly yakking on the phone to friends, appointments, etc.). As Belinda and I discussed the cookbooks, I announced, "anyway it's against my religion to be in the PTA". One of the bus drivers was in the office as well, and Ruann and her husband were sitting taking a break in the adjoining room, and overheard me. Ruann's husband guffawed and said "what religion?" I replied, "the gloria religion". Knowing full well that I was talking to two fundamentalist Christians (Ruann and her hubby) plus a Seventh-Day adventist (Belinda). But hey, they always use that as an excuse, so why can't I? The bus driver, who is my neighbor, overheard me and laughed out loud! We all had a good chuckle, and so be it. It was a direct hit on the SDA Belinda, who always uses that as an excuse, she can't do anything on the Sabbath, and can't allow her kids do anything on the Sabbath, except when it suits them!!!

I need to take care of myself, my needs, and be a lot more selfish. It's paramount to everything about me. I have enough to do. One way is to do it with humor! Crianna needs to do some work anyway, yesterday, I gave her an order about some art supplies to get a P.O. for, and she refused to do it. Well, I'm not shelling out any more funds from my pocket and then having to wait a month for reimbursement. NO WAY!

I'm in the healing process from the DIS-EASE TO PLEASE!!! YES!

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