Sunday, November 19, 2006

To be Brash or NOT to be Brash

I just hate wimpy women. Just do. Just hate them. I've been called lots of things, and one thing I was called by my dear hubby was "brash". I guess that's what pissed off Michelle, who is ultra-sensitive, or hyper-sensitive. Not that I have a such a thick hide, but I'm not a wimpy, weak woman. I like to think of myself as strong and always have an opinion. It's tough to be around wimpy women.

The image here is "Evening Sun", and it's an encaustic painting that I sold -- it was a great one, I paint these little paintings, 5" X 5" X 3" deep, and they are so much fun. Many thanks to Constance, of Constant Creations, where I hope to have a show of my work in the new year.

"Evening Sun" was sold, and I must say, Constance is NOT a wimpy woman by any means. I hate wimpy women! Seems women are their own worst enemies. Live and let live, a cliche, for sure, but please, don't be so thin-skinned!

"Evening Sun" is one of my favorite paintings, and I'm glad it sold, and is adorning someone else's home now! for more of my work, to buy my photographs or paintings!

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