Tuesday, December 08, 2009

artists who suck at life

some artists really suck at life. really, really, really, suck. Like ones who threaten litigation against a gallery that does them no harm at all, but was a little late (maybe) in paying them. What a hellish person to complain in this economy! She should be glad she was getting paid at all.

Some artists just don't get it

This biotch, named alison please don't buy her stuff or support her. She is a dipshit and thinks everyone should k0tow to her. Where does she get off thinking her stuff is the greatest shit ever produced? I can't stand the bitch. she recently left our gallery and this is what she said:

Sgggg (name is protected) -- this person works her a... off for other artists and alison doesn't give a shit.

I will leave the Gallery key under the front door mat on Wednesday. The amount due on Dec. 15 is $148.40. The partial payment represented by Check #1090 (written on Nov. 23 and handed to me on Dec. 5) will be deposited on Wednesday. If I have not received a check for $148.40 by Dec. 15, then I will file in Small Claims Court for the amount due, plus court costs and fees.

Alison A.......s -- (stupid weaver bitch)

how can we have the money to expend on lawyers and all that crap? No one can do that, it's ridiculous, as we are a co-op gallery. This a-hole, alison thinks we all should kow-tow and do everything for her and work our asses off for her, and this is utter bullshit. sometimes i hate my fellow artists as they are cunts, like this alison bitch.