Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Some artists just don't get it

This biotch, named alison please don't buy her stuff or support her. She is a dipshit and thinks everyone should k0tow to her. Where does she get off thinking her stuff is the greatest shit ever produced? I can't stand the bitch. she recently left our gallery and this is what she said:

Sgggg (name is protected) -- this person works her a... off for other artists and alison doesn't give a shit.

I will leave the Gallery key under the front door mat on Wednesday. The amount due on Dec. 15 is $148.40. The partial payment represented by Check #1090 (written on Nov. 23 and handed to me on Dec. 5) will be deposited on Wednesday. If I have not received a check for $148.40 by Dec. 15, then I will file in Small Claims Court for the amount due, plus court costs and fees.

Alison A.......s -- (stupid weaver bitch)

how can we have the money to expend on lawyers and all that crap? No one can do that, it's ridiculous, as we are a co-op gallery. This a-hole, alison thinks we all should kow-tow and do everything for her and work our asses off for her, and this is utter bullshit. sometimes i hate my fellow artists as they are cunts, like this alison bitch.

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