Monday, September 18, 2006

The Violent Struggle Part B

This photo depicts the bloodbath. The skunk was wounded by our dog, and he did try to get away, poor thing! That terrible garlging/barking sound was enough to wake the dead!

Well, the aftermath is that the skunk was thrown over the hill. I felt like a detective searching for the signs of struggle and the blood trail. And believe me, there was a blood trail!

Grateful that Dylan was there and I didn't have to do the deed, I would have shot it, but would have closed my eyes while doing it!!!

Here are the "blood trail" pix! City folk may think we're cruel, my mom, for instance didn't want to see pix of the dead skunk! "EEEWWWWW!" she said!

But we country folk know that skunks will just make trouble for you. Methinks the skunk was on his way to the compost pile, filled high with corn cobs, moldy lettuce, and other goodies skunks love.

Kudos to my super dog, Bandit, who lost sleep and flushed the varmint out! I do wonder why the skunk thinks it needs to spray and why it has the most unusual colors in nature!

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