Monday, July 10, 2006

A friend kind of day

It was a great day today, just enjoying July, set up and playing her tune, like Cat Stevens used to sing. Enjoyed having some friends over, who I've been meaning to invite for six years! Yes, folks, it's been six years since we've moved to the great Pacific Northwest from LA. I had told a friend that we moved on Independence Day, July the fourth, and he replied, "Yeah, your independence from LA!"

Yes, my thoughts exactly. Making art is a full-time job, but I just read a great quote from our crazed friend, Vincent Van Gogh, "I have realized that loving people is the greatest art". (I'm paraphrasing here!

Little Hayven enjoys having friends over and so do we. We had au-gratin potatoes, two kinds of pies, Apple and Cherry-Peach, and delicious Chicken, roasted on the grill and cooked to perfection! Gary and Cher brought over a great salad with red, ripe raspberries in it!

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