Sunday, July 30, 2006

Art is THE WAY

I've been thinking that artists look at other artists' work, or do they? Do they consider other artists' works? Do they visit other artists' studios to see how they're doing, to see what they're selling? My studio is a pack-rat's haven. That's NOT a good thing. But I'm trying, at least you can see the beautiful paper-bag floor the hubby did a few years ago.

It's absolutely marvelous. But I've found I'm NOT my own best salesperson. I really have to psyche myself up to 'sell'. Not a natural born salesperson. Selling other people's work is fine, I have no problem with that.

Wish I could hire a manager/salesperson. Sigh.
Seems the only folks coming up to my studio are OTHER artists wanting to know how/why/what/ and how much she's selling it for???

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