Monday, July 17, 2006

The Boy Scout Trip New Chapter

After witnessing a blowout on that rocky mountain road, I caravaned with some other Scout folks to Priest Lake, ID on Saturday. A long, hot drive, but it was relatively cool in the morning, with a lot more heat to come on Sunday, when I returned home. Going through beautiful Loon Lake, we took the shortcut to Priest River, locating ourselves at the Beaver Creek Campground on Priest Lake. There, Hayven squealed with delight as we swam in the lake. We setup our tents, with the help of the two oldest boy scouts, Eli and Cedar. Fun! The campground was completely filled up, so our tents would have to be right next to each other making for a familial coziness! We awaited the first boys scouts completing their 30-mile hike through grizzly and black bear territory. It was a long wait! Finally, at 5 pm, Dylan and Marshall showed up, Tim, Marshall's father having picked them up at the trailhead. The logistics of the trip were quite complicated to say the least.

Mary acted as camp cook for that first night at the Beaver Creek Campground in Nordman, ID and I was her helper. Finally, we heard that Jason had a flat tire on his boat trailer, and that some boys stayed with him. His wife, Laurie, had some blisters on her feet, but was OK. The boys straggled in: Jake, Justin, and Garrett. We waited and waited until at 7pm, as everyone wondered where the rest of the boys were, finally, Jerry showed up with his wife Ruth, and a very badly sprained wrist. Cary was with him. They had taken a wrong turn and ended up 1 1/2 miles down the wrong trail. Matt was with them.

All was well, everyone accounted for, and we could have our delicious spaghetti dinner, with chocolate cake for dessert!

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