Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mother Nature

Today, while going my merry way, thinking of the day and what I had planned, something happened unexpectedly. I was driving the Silverado Chevy when I lost control and started to slide down my mile long driveway, which was a sheet of ice.
It was a harrowing experience to say the least. Frazzled with shaking hands, I tried to gain control and stop the vehicle. I should say I'm fortunate and very blessed to be alive. I kept telling myself: "you can do this". I tried all the buttons, 4W Drive AUTO, 4 with the arrow pointing down, and kept sliding until I managed to stop the vehicle. I had to literally crawl on my hands and knees when I got out of the vehicle. Wearing only rubber-soled new balance gym shoes, I had to walk up the 1/2 mile to my house on the snow berms.
When I got to house I broke down and began to cry realizing how close a call it was. I called my husband and told him what was happened, repeating: "I'm in trouble". A simple thing like getting in your car to pick up your child turns into a life or death situation. I wasn't expecting that.
I found out Mother Nature is a non-negotiator. She doesn't negotiate. She lays out the situation, and one had better pay attention. If not, there is a price to pay.
When my hands stopped shaking and I stopped crying, realizing that I might have flipped and gone into the trees or worse, I thought maybe it's not worth it to live on a hill. Maybe I should re-consider living on a hill like this in the winter.
I don't know. I know my husband now has a worst migraine than now that I've told him what happened. I feel sore all over from the stress, yet still have to go out and face the day and pick up my daughter.
With both menfolk out in other places and being alone, somehow I'll get the help I need from a divine source. I know that for sure.

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