Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tomorrow is another day

Tomorrow A. is coming to tan hides and I'm a little apprehensive, but not much. Also, I have finished my taxes. That is a sweet relief. Wonderful. Tomorrow a visit to the Fed-X man and that's it. It's done--taxes are completed for 2006.

Now I can relax and make that art project out of the dead skunk I found at the dump. So cool. Bones and all. Dave said, "Leave it in the shop". It still kind of stank. There was black and white hair still stuck to the bones. I'm going to take some pix and post them here.

Tuesday I go to Spokane, and I'm glad for that. Gotta get it together. D. has his first track meet on Tuesday. I tried to tell him that it's OK to be nervous. He said he wasn't ready, but I assured him to go on and try it. You've got to see the lay of the land, his father told him.

Today was a good day. I try every day to make the best of it, even when I'm loading tons of garbage into bags and smelling the stink of a landfill. H. was sick, she got sick from something yesterday, probably not washing her hands enough. Don't know.

I'm tired of going somewhere every single freaking day. Staying home sounds real good right about now. A good book, and my bed.

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