Saturday, August 26, 2006

Time to Drive

Driving everywhere it seems these days, the hot, hot, dog days of summer. The Northeast Washington Fair is up and running, with cows, pigs, sheep, dogs and cats on display. Sometimes it seems a bit overwhelming! There is so much to see, and that's a good thing. The kids are back to school next week, and whew! What a summer it was. Beginning the administration job again at the school, and that will be a fun year, I hope. Seems I've been driving a lot, to town and back, and then to another town and back home. Pick up this child, drop off a child, go to a drawing class in Colville for six days. Whew! Glad that I have my old faithful Toyota. She is so great on gas, manuvers well, and is small! She fits in tight places and she'll always be a friend.
Well, got to go now, as it is my open house weekend! WHOPEE!

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