Sunday, August 20, 2006

Drawing Again

Taking drawing seriously is a tough business. Try standing all day at an easel. It's not for the weak. Although you might get a nice drawing out of it. I felt like I was back in my college days. Whew! I'm really dating myself. It was good to really use charcoal to its greatest advantage. I don't much like the drawing, but the thing was, it was worth a lot more than $25.

That was quite insulting that the owners of the restauranat where we were drawing (they rent the space too!)--told us "kids" that he would buy a drawing the one he liked, the best one, for $25. Well, mine wasn't for sale. I told one woman, you know, if you pay yourself $10. per hr. that comes to at least $160. per hr. figuring on an 8-hr. day!

She replied, "well, not when you've got a barn full of paintings". I felt sorry for her, as women to tend to de-value themselves and their work. I thought it was quite demeaning, when the teacher stated so emphatically that some of her students sell their paintings for $20K.

It was kind of insulting. Like I really need a ZZ Top look-a-like with a baseball hat to judge my drawing and offend me by telling me that it was only worth $25.00.

I have to say something tomorrow to the class, as I thought it was a class, and NOT a competition. It was extremely rude to make the class into a competition. Not to mention the folks that came by with their inane comments and stupid photos of past paintings they did in the previous classes.

Talking to my friend Jane, I wondered out loud to her, "why do women de-value themselves and their work"? Me, included of course.

My faithful friend and husband, Dave always tells me this in so many ways. Sigh, that's why I love him. He always tells me that I'm better than I think I am, and I should charge accordingly!

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