Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Well, it's a substitute teaching with the 5th-8th grade multi-level classroom. It's a good day. I will strive to give out positive energy to the students so all will be well in this world. It's funny how perceptions are not truth. Students at the middle-school age, one of which is my daughter, are so ultra-sensitive. When we are young, we are so sensitive it hurts. That youthful energy and questioning. Everything is being questioned, our hearts are soft and fresh. Teachers of students at this age (pre-teen and early teen) are confronted with a myriad of problems, questions, and pseudo-realities. Perceptions at this age in life are skewed and seen through a glass that is so foggy. Leadership skills are found wanting. Self-reflection and who we are at this stage in life is only at the beginning of formation.

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